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Vertical Concrete Stations

With diameters ranging from 5.75 to 10.5 meters, tower power plants are ideally suited for storing aggregates in quantities between 100 and 1000 m³. Loading may be carried out either by flat belt conveyor at 16°, by inclined conveyor at 30°, by covered conveyor, by bucket elevator or by S-shaped conveyor.

The loading of materials can be designed without additional personnel intervention. Even at extremely low temperatures, aggregates can be treated without problems if the silos are equipped with an insulating coating and integrated heating. The integration of several mixers makes it possible to achieve extremely high power plant performance.

Combined with an anhydrite mixer, KNIELE’s tower plants allow the autonomous loading of ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed concrete, as well as the autonomous production of ready-mixed concrete, mortar or liquid screed, etc.

Step plants

Are you planning to install a new mixing plant but the authorities are imposing height limits? No problem. KNIELE can simply design a fully functional floor system with all possible variants.

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