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Industrie du béton
Industrie du béton
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Industrie agroalimentaire
Since 1975, MANTIS ULV has been working continuously with manufacturers from different industries to optimise and develop their systems and optimise their know-how in their preferred field.

Thanks to the latest technology and the granting of numerous patents, MANTIS ULV is known worldwide for its ULV (Ultra Low Volume) spraying systems for release agents.

MANTIS ULV constantly strives to ensure the highest quality and to offer innovative sprayers. They are constantly investing in the realisation of new ideas and in the latest technological improvements. The aim is to expand their field of application, but also to develop new technical developments for demanding and constantly changing markets.

In their research laboratory, MANTIS  ULV has its own Research & Development team that is constantly testing new sustainable solutions for spraying.

For more than 40 years, MANTIS ULV has developed a spraying system that is provided by a specially developed and patented fragmentation nozzle. These rotating ULV nozzles, consisting of a horizontal rotating disc, guarantee an optimal distribution of oils or other products on the various surfaces to be treated.

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