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Nearly 500 skilled employees are able to maintain the visionary spirit, passion, and energy of founder Jacob Pfeiffer from generation to generation. Long-term development of their business is more important than short-term success. As a result, they are now among the technology leaders in the industry.

A pioneering company founded more than 150 years ago, GEBR. PFEIFFER is a system designer for the grinding and micronization of cement, coal, limestone, gypsum, etc.

The family-owned company GEBR. PFEIFFER, based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, has been a pioneer in the development of state-of-the-art grinding, separating, drying, hydrating and calcining technologies for over 150 years.

They are the pioneers of vertical mill technology. They developed and invented the 10,000+ kW mill gearbox, the ready2grind system and the calcination of gypsum in a vertical mill. Recognised for its own development department and offers solid engineering.

Investing in machines and plants from Gebr. Pfeiffer is a wise choice. They offer reliable, competitive and high-performance equipment for economic success and high efficiency.
  • MVR vertical roller mill with MultiDrive®
  • MVR vertical roller mill with conventional drive
  • ready2grind modular system
  • MPS vertical roller mill
  • MRD / MRE ball mill
  • SLV high efficiency separator
  • SUV / SUT distribution table separators
  • TRT Triplex dryer
  • KLV / KLE lime hydrators
  • MultiDrive®
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