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Dosing operation

Fibre dosing is filled with synthetic fibres from paper bags or Big-Bags. Desired quantity (in kg) can be adjusted on a box or from the control unit of the plant.

Fibres are fed directly into the mixer or via the aggregate transfer belt (sand, gravel). It is also possible to add the mixture directly into the mixer truck.


Fibre dosing is designed in the form of a cylindrical container equipped with a spiral-shaped feed coil inside. This container is arranged on a rigid frame, in which 2 vibrating motors are attached to the supporting structure. Quickly changing the type of fibre used is possible by opting for additional containers, making the original container removable.

The equipment complies with EC and EMC directives.

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Feeding capacity

Capacity in kg/min varies according to the type of fibre and the level of fibre in the feeder. Capacity of the feeder in kg also varies according to the type of fibre. Feeders are suitable for dosing any loose micro or macro synthetic fibre up to 30 mm in length, or macro synthetic fibres in “rounds”. Fibre dosing can also be used for the most common steel fibres. For the dosing of loose macro-synthetic fibres with a length of more than 30 mm, a special quotation is recommended.

The standard version of the dosing units is designed for 220-400 V/3 pH/50 Hz. Dosing units for other voltages and frequencies can be supplied on request.

Weighing and control

Fibre dosing are mounted on load cells. We use negative weighing with two control system options, MS, and FS.
MS control system is a complete system with integrated weighing automation. FS control system is used for full integration of the unit into the concrete mixing computer system.

With the FS control system, the start and stop of the batching unit is controlled by the mixing computer. Accuracy for normal batches of ± 0.5 to 2 %. Accuracy depends on the type of fibre used.

Installation and starting up

Units are delivered ready for quick installation and instant connection.

They are installed on concrete slabs or steel constructions with counterweights to ensure the stability of the fibre feeder. Weather and wind protection is necessary for the synthetic fibre.

Today, there are more than 1000 fibre dosing units installed in more than 50 countries. Lists of references and contacts should only be made on request.

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