Stationary placing boom - KLEIN

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Precast factories

In the precast factories, these masts can be used for filling different moulds on carousels or stationary. They can also be used to optimize the use of ceiling heights in industrial buildings.

For top infrastructure

More and more buildings are being erected around the world, and stationary distribution booms play an important role. Stationary concrete distribution booms are the first option when building skyscrapers, bridges, liquefied gas tanks and other large structures that cannot be built with mobile concrete pumps due to access problems. Klein stationary masts are designed according to the latest technology and to the highest standard.

Use without counterweights

Klein has developed stationary placing booms for concrete from 24 to 35 m (maximum horizontal distance). By using new techniques and materials, it was possible to reach a height of 35 metres with a 6-sided base without using counterweights. The vertical tube serves both as a stationary placing boom for the concrete supply and as a structure for access to the top.

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