Special plants - KNIELE

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Custom-made installations

Research and development of new equipment and products are the driving force behind KNIELE’s innovative spirit. They continuously adapt to the new demands of the market and its manufacturers.

From 3D concrete to nuclear waste...

The German company KNIELE has been developing power plants and new mixing systems for more than three decades. Their products have proven themselves and are now world-renowned.

Over the years, they seize market opportunities that come before them. That’s why their systems are applicable to multiple industrial sectors for a variety of applications. The creation of tailor-made facilities still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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3D Concrete Printing

New possibilities with 3D printing are open to you!

The KNIELE KKM conical mixer will of course be used for the production of high quality UHPC concrete. It is equipped with a pinch valve and a silo with agitator. The concrete is then continuously conveyed to the print head via a pump. This allows fully automated and reproducible 3D printing.


KNIELE’s KKM conical mixer, with watertight closure, offers the possibility of producing very fluid concrete and suspensions.

Highly compacted concrete, injection mortars, but also epoxy resins, cold bitumen or the further treatment of dust and sludge for recycling are given here as examples. The processing of these materials is not possible with conventional screw-on closures.

Polystyrene concrete

It is possible to design complete turnkey mixing plants for the production of pure polystyrene concrete with the KKM conical mixer from KNIELE as the centrepiece. The storage and dosing of polystyrene will also be carried out there.

Recycled polystyrene is ground and graded directly on the construction site.

Animal feed & pharmaceutical products

  • Disposal of dust, sludge, and filter ash (e. g. waste incineration plants)
  • Neutralization of contaminated waste
  • Flowing of highly contaminated waste

Animal feed & pharmaceutical products

Mixing of contaminated radioactive material in the KNIELE conical mixer KKM for further processing and final storage.

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