Self-leveling screed mixers AFE - KNIELE

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For consistent quality

In the case of factory-mixed casting screed, the various components are automatically weighed in the mixing plant, which guarantees a completely consistent quality.

For mixing the glue, a specially designed mixer with a fast-rotating agitator has been developed. It’s designed as a scale. The mixer trough, stirrer, and lid are made entirely of stainless steel. An automatic cleaning system for the mixer is built into the cover as standard.

Key points

Anhydride mixers can be installed in an existing mixing plant or can be designed as a stand-alone compact plant.

  • A feed hopper for sand with direct discharge into the removable mixer, including the belt weigher.
  • Anhydride silo is composed of a screw conveyor silo equipment.
  • AFE mixer of different sizes as a weighing mixer with a washing system that supplies the mixer with an additive consisting of water and anhydrite products.
  • Support construction and coating are included.
  • Power block control

A specially designed recycling plant (AFE) has been developed for the recycling of wastewater.

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  • Constant quality… thanks to the fully automatic weighing of all individual components in the mixing plant
  • New installation or completion of equipment… Anhydrite mixers can be installed in a mixing plant… is based on a mixer with a fast-rotating agitator specially developed for mixing the glue. The latter has an integrated weighing system. The mixer trough, stirrer and lid are made entirely of stainless steel. An automatic cleaning system for the mixer is built into the lid as standard.
  • Ecological disposal of waste water… thanks to a recycling facility specially designed for anhydrite plants, ensures environmental protection and sustainable production.
  • Otherwise… our KNIELE KKM conical mixer can be used for the production of blended sheets in the factory.


  • Sand feed hopper, direct deposit in the mixer truck, with conveyor balance
  • Anhydride silo with matching equipment and tubular worm screw
  • Anhydride mixer available in different sizes, weighing device and cleaning system
  • Additive weighing of water and anhydrite in the mixer
  • Supporting structure, cladding included
  • Control system with printer for delivery notes and log files
  • Dosing device for polypropylene fibres
  • Determination of adjuvant


  • Second silo for cement
  • Recycling plant for cleaning water treatment, direct discharge pipe from the mixer

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