Powder metering type FLEX - WÜRSCHUM

Sans titre-3

A high-precision metering

These dosing systems are suitable for pigments, as well as granules and compact pigments. They consist of a high precision weighing hopper for the production of colour mixtures. Gravity transfer, or screw transfer, takes place in a pressurized vessel, serving one or more mixers via bypass valves.

A multifunctional model

For spray-dried G granules and C pigments. Multifunctional model with high-precision weighing container and 1 to 6 separate delivery containers as intermediate buffer.

For one mixer each or for pre-weighing several batches of dyes in parallel, also for 2 or 3 mixers, for example. This means that the pigment can be pneumatically transported into the mixer immediately.

Sans titre-2


  • Dust-free pneumatic dosing of dry pigment for colouring all kinds of concrete products
  • Precise and fast dosing by means of a special screw
  • Coarse and fine dosing of pigments
  • Flexible use, especially for the transfer of powder pigments, compact pigments or granulates
  • The system is suitable for powder pigments of all known suppliers
  • Common weighing and pressure vessel for fast and dust-free cycles
  • Transfer into the mixer is dust-free thanks to an integrated dust collector
  • Automatic cleaning of the filter elements
  • For big bags or paper bags (25 kg)
  • Fully automatic dosing process
  • Distribution to 2 or more mixers
  • Independent position for specific colours
  • Positioning and installation directly on the floor
  • Unlimited number of colour mixtures ̶̶ additive dosages
  • Fully pre-installed system with electrical and pneumatic wiring

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