Photovoltaic cleaning equipment - KLEIN

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A professional cleaning

Do you want to have your photovoltaic system cleaned in order to not only get more power and more efficiency, extend the life of your photovoltaic system? Klein is at your service to provide you with a professional cleaning system that will meet all your expectations.

Klein can provide cleaning systems for solar power plants, but also offer a rental service.

With multiple benefits

This professional cleaning system has multiple advantages:

  • More power and yield for the solar panels
  • Longer system life
  • No need to access the roof
  • Reduced risk of accidents or falls
  • No overloading of the roof
  • Cleaning with hot demineralized water
  • Removes even the most stubborn dirt
  • No additional costs for scaffolding or the use of cherry pickers


For rental with driver:
You don’t have to provide anything, Klein provides everything: 5,000 litres of demineralized cleaning water and an integrated water heating system. Their vehicles are suitable for all types of roofs and open spaces.

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