MVR vertical roller mill - MultiDrive® - GEBR.PFEIFFER


A reliable and demanding shredder

For the preparation of raw cement, cement and granulated blast furnace slag at lower to medium rates, the MVR mill with conventional control is the perfect solution. Incidentally, it is also used as a central element in our modular ready2grind workshops. Thanks to high availability and optimized maintenance concepts, the MVR vertical mill is able to meet the growing demands of industry.
Together with the conventional control, the crusher operates reliably over the long term, producing average throughputs.

Principle of operation

Up to six stationary grinding wheels roll on a rotating grinding plate. The material to be ground is gripped between the wheels and the plate. It is then crushed by pressure and shear forces. The pressure forces required for grinding are produced by a grinding wheel arm with a hinge bearing and a hydropneumatic pressure system.
The crushed material is transported by centrifugal forces to the stationary nozzle ring. The injected air flow (cold air or hot air) entering through the nozzle ring transports the crushed and dried material to the selector where it is separated by the separation cyclone from the compliant elements and the rejects which are redirected to the crusher .
Compliant items are blown out of the selector by the airflow and directed to a cyclone or filter.



  • Active redundant wheel system
  • Optimal use of process heat
  • Maximum availability
  • Uniform compression of the material to be ground
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Low investment costs
  • Increased flow rates with MultiDrive® control
  • Minimal electrical energy requirement

Technical data

Cement and granulated blast-furnace slag

Cement raw material

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