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Intensive and uniform mixer

The Kniele forced-action laboratory mixers are supplied as a KKM-L conical mixer and offer a homogeneous and very intensive mixing result. Thanks to their conical shape, they also allow the mixing of very small quantities to achieve excellent quality. Likewise, their geometric shape ensures easy, extremely fast and residue-free emptying. The tank is easily filled from the top.

Kniele laboratory mixers comply with CE standards and their construction complies with the latest EU directives in the field of machinery. The proven standard engines from SEW guarantee a long service life.

Quality concrete of all types

With the conical mixer, quality concrete of all types (e.g., self-compacting concrete or lightweight concrete) can be produced very quickly and with a high mixing quality. It is suitable not only for the mixing of concrete, but also for all other areas of application for the mixing of dry products, such as the production of light coatings, dry mortars, polymer concrete, animal feed, dry chemical mixtures, liquid or non-flammable adhesives, etc.

On request, the mixers can also be supplied in stainless steel.

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  • Based on KKM mixing principle with highest mixing intensity
  • No loss of mixing quality when mixing small quantities
  • Fully empty in the shortest possible time
  • Easy, quick cleaning by hand or automatically
  • Transfer of laboratory tests to production mixers almost to scale
  • Infinitely adjustable mixing speeds
  • Simple operation directly at the mixer


The standard Kniele KKM-L laboratory mixers have the same unique mixing principle as all Kniele conical mixers of the KKM series:

  • Conical tank mixer
  • Conical Archimedes screws and blades
  • Capacity from 15 to 6,000 litres
  • Two agitators rotating in the opposite direction
  • Effective dispersion of cement agglomerations
  • Specific agitators for perfect mixing
  • Constant mixing quality, even in small quantities
  • Fast loading of products and colours
  • Short mixing and draining cycles
  • Maintenance time and low wear
  • Waste reduction

The Kniele KKM-L laboratory mixer is ideal for laboratory and experimental applications, as well as for the production of small quantities. The KKM-L can be used as a mobile or stationary system.

The KKM-L laboratory mixer is available in different sizes: KKM-L laboratory mixer 30, 100, 250 and 375.

The standard laboratory mixer can be optimally adapted to all your requirements with individual stirring tools and a special drive for high speeds.


  • Special Concrete
  • Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Ultra High-Performance Concrete
  • Dry mixes Suspensions
  • Dry mixes

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