KKM-RT laboratory mixer - KNIELE


Intensive mixer and rheometer

The Kniele KKM-RT 15/22.5 mixer combines an intensive mixer with a rheometer, which analyzes the rheological properties of the product to be mixed in real or absolute units. The mixer is equipped with a probe determining the humidity and a dosing unit for the addition of liquid and dry components. This additional equipment makes it possible to extend the performance of the device and to carry out automated studies of the parameters for development purposes.
The integration of a synchronous motor for the direct drive enables extremely low rotational speeds or torques and enables measurements to be taken in oscillation with a rapid change in the direction of rotation.

Draining, cleaning and mixing

Thanks to gravity, the product falls almost entirely by itself from the mixer. The geometric shape of the device makes cleaning as quick as it is easy. Once the valve is closed, the cone is simply rinsed at very high speed.
To increase the mixing intensity, the mixing tool of the conical mixer has been precisely improved. Installing short spikes on the outer edges of the mixing paddles results in much faster and more efficient dispersal of fine materials.



  • Stainless steel
  • Production up to 15 liters
  • Based on the principle of the KKM conical mixer
  • Quick emptying and cleaning
  • Determination of rheological properties
  • Quick tool change system
  • Mixing small quantities at consistent quality
  • Dosing of dry or liquid materials
  • Humidity probe

Fresh concrete

  • Spread measurement
  • Concrete setting measurement
  • VdZ funnel
  • LCPC box

These parameters can be clearly identified and determined in order to then be produced in any type, quantity and quality in the Kniele KKM conical mixer using the proven and well-known mixing process.


  • Dry mixing
  • Animal feed
  • Dry mortar
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Mineral concrete
  • Dry chemical mixtures
  • Refractory concrete
  • Liquid glues

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