Intensive annular tray mixer - KNIELE

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Double counter-current

The ZE KNIELE intensive annular tray mixer is usually equipped with two mechanically driven agitators via the main drive.

The excellent mixing results are based on efficient disaggregation of the material.

Two independently rotating agitators rotate in opposite directions to the main agitator. The narrow mixing channel ensures intensive mixing with short mixing times.

With this mixer, even small quantities can be produced quickly and economically.

Drives and frequency converters

The ZE-X variant stands for even higher performance. With its mechanically independent and infinitely adjustable agitators and the individually adjustable mixing arm, it is the ultimate in this type of mixer.

The ZE-X variant meets the highest requirements for special concrete. It is also available with two outlets as an option. Its strength lies in the execution of extremely difficult mixing tasks.


  • Narrow mixing channel for optimum mixing
  • Low-volume mixing
  • Two agitators for perfect mixing results
  • One or more outlet slides possible
  • Time saved by automatic high-pressure cleaning
  • Low overall height

Upgrading: conversion and modernisation

Even conventional mixers without additional agitators can be upgraded to an intensive mixer. By equipping your mixer with our driven agitator system, you can benefit from the positive properties of the intensive mixing process – even at reduced investment costs.

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