Granule metering MINI-COM - WÜRSCHUM

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A high-precision metering

The new MINI-COM dosing unit meets the highest precision requirements. This is of particular importance for small batches of concrete, e.g., in the field of paving.

When producing colours from 2 or 3 components, it is often the case that certain colours, such as red or black, are only dosed in very small quantities in order to achieve a precise colour shade.


  • High dosing accuracy of 1 g (0.04 oz) for the smallest weighing batches of 20 g (0.7 oz)
  • Suitable for big bags or paper bags
  • From 1 to 4 positions for additive colours
  • Recipe-controlled colours mix production possible
  • Complex PC dosing control with connection to the mixing plant control


  • For filling, a range of interchangeable containers with 1 to 4 colour compartments.
  • Increased accuracy of ± 1g
  • Ideal for front of house applications
  • Simplified adaptation for COM systems

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