Gear pumps - WÜRSCHUM

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Principle of use of pumps

Würschum gear pumps are used for filling and unloading electronic scales. They can be used for a variety of applications: lubricating liquids, such as oils, chemical additives and varnishes. Fill pumps with suction hose, rinsing valve and by-pass can be used as a flow pump by a reversing motor.

Advantages of gear pumps

These pumps have many advantages in that the mechanism is subject to strict tolerances, ensuring very efficient suction and discharge performance. The design of the gear teeth and its powerful movement make it an ideal tool for handling viscous fluids.

Although the pump easily supports solid particles and abrasive materials, it can also handle shear-sensitive fluids with a pulsation-free flow. The flow rate is directly proportional to the velocity regardless of pressure, providing much greater control and reliability.

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