Filter press RE_XPRESS - ECOFROG


Separation of water and residues

The RE_XPRESS filter press separates water from sludge residue. In this way, galleries are obtained with a high concentration of mineral elements, which allow better handling and a consequent reduction in landfill costs. A high-pressure charged water pump fills the chambers between the press platens. Under the effect of the pressure through the filter cloths, the water is filtered and flows to the storage tank. Subsequently, the supply line is flushed and the patties are discharged from the chambers. The press is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. With this system, ready-mixed concrete plants can reduce the density of recycling water.
Filter presses can also be used to remove minerals from contaminated water.

Smooth Operation

The role of the hydraulic filter press is to further extract water from the residual cement slurry. The design geared towards optimizing the use of material and process enables trouble-free operation when processing cement slurry. The preset pressure of this pump makes it possible to obtain dry residual mass, the ejection of which is facilitated by a percussion mechanism. The filter press makes it possible to obtain a very high degree of dehydration which makes it possible to reduce the costs of disposal.


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