Dry-wet metering system TFW - WÜRSCHUM

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Metering system for dry pigment processing

Dry-wet metering system TFW is a wet/dry system that is used to fluidize the mixture of powdered pigments and water.

Once the powders and water are mixed, the mixture or “slurry” is then pumped directly into the mixer or into waiting hoppers until the concrete mixer is ready. The system can be placed up to 100 m from the mixing plant.


  • Unlimited storage of dry powder, no liquid pigment stored, therefore no need for agitation or circulation
  • Dust free delivery of the slurry into the mixer without dust filter
  • Flexible ground level positioning, up to 100 m (330′) from the concrete mixer
  • The pigment slurry can be pumped to holding hoppers for stand-by until the mixer calls for discharger
  • Automatic rinsing after each cycle
  • No day-cleaning required
  • System can operate with up to 6 powder pigments
  • For Big-Bags or paper bags
  • Fully automatic dosing process
  • Coarse and fine metering of pigment
  • Simple distribution in 2 or more mixers
  • Stainless steel weigh hopper
  • Accurate and fast metering
  • Unlimited number of colour shades possible

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