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Water treatment

In Europe, unused fresh concrete accounts for about 3% of the amount produced annually in Ready-mixed concrete plants and 1% in prefabrication.

This amount of remaining concrete comes from different sources, e.g., concrete not accepted by the customer, surplus after delivery, remaining concrete stuck to the interior walls of the top trucks, washing mixers and other transport and processing machines.

Costs for landfilling concrete remains are high.

Due to limited landfill capacity, prices, and distances to landfills are constantly increasing.
Manufacturers are also required to recycle their industrial waste in accordance with the new EU directives.

For the concrete industry, this development means a step-by-step transition from the simple landfill of concrete residues to a treatment system allowing the reuse of components in a closed circuit.

This technology is provided by ECOFROG GmbH.

To complete your system

In addition to your various components of your recycling system, we offer various sub-components for the transport and sorting of fluids and solids, such as immersion pumps, agitators, Opto electric converters for density sensors, compensation tank with agitator, pump and level detector and all the corresponding automation.

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  • Realization of new engineering projects in 3D modeling
  • Automatic control with touch screen
  • Remote control box with LED indicators
  • CO2 dosing system for pH reduction
  • Opto Electric Converter for Density Probe
  • Measuring head to determine the density of suspended minerals
  • Pump by immersion and brewer
  • Compensation basin with agitator, pump, and level detector
  • Homogenisation and pumping system for sludge
  • Gas tank with heating elements to neutralize the system
  • Chain scraper for transporting minerals and water
  • Control of feed of aggregates

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