Reorganisation BSC — Béton Stone Consulting

BSC — Béton Stone Consulting announces an internal reorganisation to strengthen its competitiveness in the concrete market as well as in other business areas requiring higher technical skills and thus ensure its future growth by promoting its talents in-house.

The Mosellan company has managed to establish itself in the market of the concrete industry and in various industries requiring higher technical skills. This evolution in different areas is mainly due to the incredible teamwork provided by the employees who make up BSC — Béton Stone Consulting.

Following the multitude of requests in various fields, the company is pleased to announce its decision to proceed with a more substantial restructuring in order to optimize its operations and adapt in the near future to current market challenges. This strategic initiative aims to strengthen the company’s competitiveness and ensure its sustainable growth in a dynamic business environment.

In an ever-changing economic environment, this initiative will also enable BSC — Béton Stone Consulting to better meet the growing demand of its customers while maintaining high quality standards.

The main objectives of this structure are:

  1. 1. Achieve efficiencies: BSC—Béton Stone Consulting will seek to identify areas where operational improvements can be made to ensure optimal use of existing resources and capabilities.
  2. 2. Rationalization of operations: Through this organization, BSC-Béton Stone Consulting will focus its efforts on core and essential operations, thus allowing a better approach to areas with higher growth potential.
  3. 3. Improving its customer presence: By optimizing its internal processes and reducing unnecessary costs, BSC — Béton Stone Consulting will strive to improve its responsiveness and strengthen its position in the market.

The reorganization involves the restructuring of a number of key services, with a view to improving the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise. The changes will also allow for better collaboration between the different departments, while providing opportunities for development and growth for the entire team.

Centrale bleue

A strengthened sales team

Sylvain Adam, Managing Director of BSC — Béton Stone Consulting has decided to strengthen its sales team in order to ensure an even faster service to customers. Thomas Morawitz remains in charge of the processing of spare parts and answering the various requests of customers. It also provides support to salespeople for the preparation of quotations. Il est également un soutien aux commerciaux pour la préparation des devis.

Pierre Leitner, who joined BSC’s sales team at the beginning of 2023, is tasked with consulting and meeting the needs of PREFABRICATION plants, BPE plants, in order to best meet their needs for the supply of power plants, mixers, dosing dyes, adjuvants, fibres, recycling, pumping, etc.

Jérémy Holler, who has just joined BSC’s sales team in the fall of 2023, is responsible for monitoring customers and listening to their technicians’ requests. Thanks to his experience in maintenance, his mission is to organize after-sales service at the customer’s premises, to monitor the files of equipment installations in progress and to ensure the commissioning of the machines. In adapting to new market needs, BSC — Concrete Stone Consulting plans to strengthen its business operations and expand its range of products and services to better serve its existing clientele and reach new markets.

“This reorganization represents a major milestone for BSC — Concrete Stone Consulting,” said Sylvain Adam, Manager of the consulting firm. «We are confident that these changes will allow us to increase our competitiveness and maintain our leading position in the concrete and other industries (mineral & nuclear, national defence and others). We look forward to working closely with our customers and partners throughout this evolution to continue to deliver superior services and products.”

In order to allow its sales team to be closer to its clients and to be able to follow the various requests or cases in progress, it has acquired a system for tracking and locating each client in order to be more efficient in their sales processes.

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