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Sylvain Adam is a passionate entrepreneur, known for his expertise in the field of concrete and construction. As the manager of BSC Béton Stone Consulting, he has been able to develop a successful company known for its unparalleled expertise and know-how.

From an early age, Sylvain was fascinated by the world of construction. He has always had a special interest in building materials: concrete and stone, and spent many hours experimenting and learning the different manufacturing techniques and the handling of concrete and stone alongside his grandfather, father, and uncles.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs in the fields of stone, quarrying and prefabrication, it was only natural that he chose to move into this field of his preference. He has experienced all the technological development of building materials, from production processes to handling equipment.

After studying mechanical engineering, Sylvain decided to work alongside his father in the family business and take over the management of the sinter plant.

Trying to diversify, he opened a production company in 1980 using a new technology for the realization of concrete tiles with the help of flexible moulds. In the early years, he developed his own machines, flexible moulds and formulations to recreate WETCAST-type concrete decoration products.

A few years later, he set up a state-of-the-art WETCAST factory and became industrial and R&D director. During this period, he also set up production plants in the Eastern European countries and monitored their production remotely.

Subsequently, he was the technical manager of various production units in France for various industrial groups in the field of WETCAST.

After 30 years of experience in concrete plants in France and abroad, industrial groups (adjuvant manufacturers, cement manufacturers and WETCAST manufacturers) asked him to advise their customers who use WETCAST-type systems. After reflection, Sylvain Adam is determined to start his own consulting firm. In 2006, the company BSC — Béton Stone Consulting was founded with the aim of offering innovative and high quality solutions in the field of concrete. Thanks to his technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision, he quickly attracted the attention of an abundant clientele and was able to establish a position of choice in the market. It allowed companies manufacturing components for concrete plants to enter the very closed world of French concrete manufacturers, known for its hermetic nature.

BSC — Béton Stone Consulting aims, today, to support as a consultant and to provide solutions to the problems that industrialists may encounter, thanks to the new technologies developed in parallel with our network of partners. Sylvain ADAM and his team at BSC — Béton Stone Consulting are constantly looking for innovation to improve the performance and production of its clients in order to best meet their needs. As a consultant, his expertise, and advice in the field of concrete for industrialists are recognized within the profession and aim to optimize the existing in terms of formulations and manufacturing processes.

Sylvain Adam is a visionary entrepreneur who has established his brand in a highly competitive market. It stands out for its keen attention to detail and its ability to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers. Always on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations, he ensures that BSC — Béton Stone Consulting remains at the forefront of quality and performance. His skills and a keen eye for observation have enabled him to promote leading brands and products such as Kniele and its KKM, the German company WMW, Mantis spraying systems, etc. on the French market.

Sylvain Adam is also recognized for his commitment to sustainability and the environment. For this reason, it emphasizes the search for environmentally friendly solutions in the industrial sector in various fields. In addition, it is able to offer equipment to recycle and treat concrete wastewater. In addition, it strives to integrate environmentally responsible practices into our clients’ projects and to promote sustainable solutions such as recycling and treatment of concrete wastewater. It is constantly looking for ways to improve construction practices to reduce the impact on the planet by integrating new partners (AJF) into its product range in order to offer a complete service to industrialists and to respond to their problems best.

In addition to his work as the manager of BSC — Béton Stone Consulting, Sylvain is also a mentor to many people who cross his path. As a good teacher, he is happy to share his experience and advice with those who want to learn more about this demanding field and the professional world in general.

Over the years, Sylvain Adam has built a strong reputation and is now considered one of the leaders in the concrete industry. His dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence make him a role model for many people with entrepreneurial flair. Sylvain Adam is a passionate entrepreneur who has made BSC — Concrete Stone Consulting a successful and respected company in the concrete and other industries. His commitment to sustainability and his constant desire to innovate make him a key figure in the concrete industry. Thanks to this experience, he is now consulted by major industrial groups in the fields of nuclear cementing, the design of premixes, BFUP, etc. He is also consulted for the realization of processes other than concrete, and in particular for future technologies.

In addition to his professionalism, Sylvain is also known for his kindness and availability to his team and customers. Always ready to listen and support, he creates a friendly and collaborative atmosphere within his team.

In short, Sylvain Adam perfectly embodies the values of excellence and quality customer service at BSC — Béton Stone Consulting. His enlightened leadership and undeniable passion for his profession make him a key player in the construction world.

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