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With an international presence, BSC’s presence has grown over the years. The company supplies and develops equipment for concrete plants, quarries, prefabrication industries and other fields, including food processing, nuclear cementing, 3D printing, etc. It has sold its products to companies in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

© Copyright 2021, KNIELE GmbH, tous droits réservés

Copyright 2021, KNIELE GmbH, all rights reserved

Your projects are unique

Thanks to the knowledge of our team and the experience of our partners, we are able to accompany you and advise you in the best way possible on the improvement of your existing processes or in the implementation of your new projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

Each project is unique and requires attention in order to satisfy our clients. That’s why BSC makes it a point of honor to design plants that best meet your needs. In 2020, the Lorraine-based company was able to offer a concrete plant to the CAPREMIB company located in the north of Reims in the commune of Cormicy. This concrete plant occupies an area equivalent to 250 m²; it is intended for the manufacture of UHPC and fiber-reinforced concrete. This KNIELE manufacturing plant is a concentrate of technologies that allows the design of all kinds of specific concretes according to the needs of the industrialist.

Our flagship product: the KKM mixer from Kniele

BSC and its employees are constantly looking for new technologies and market innovations adapted to your needs. Our products are a condensation of the most innovative technologies.

The flagship product of BSC is, of course, the KNIELE KKM conical mixer. Designed and patented in 2000, it has become THE essential component of concrete batching plants thanks to its perfection resulting from a collaboration between the two companies and is still unequalled today. The KKM Kniele series of conical mixers are distinguished by their outstanding performance, reliability and durability.

Over the years, BSC has been able to impose it on the French-speaking world. Its principle is simple: it is equipped with two agitators that rotate in opposite directions in a conical mixing space and that allow to quickly obtain a homogeneous paste. It is perfect for the manufacture of UHP. The advantage of this mixer is that it can be equipped with special drives which will considerably reduce the mixing time.

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The KKM conical mixer is particularly recommended for the production of new concrete technologies, which require an optimal mixing quality and a considerably reduced mixing time.

But the BSC company, having the innovative spirit and in the permanent research of improvement in its field, also developed with its other partners processes coming in complement of the mixing systems. We can therefore advise you on the dosage of components: fibers, colorants, additives, on the transfer and dosage of fresh concrete and finished products, on pumping, on the recycling of washing water and concrete remains, etc.

The other assets of BSC

BSC does not only offer concrete batching plants, but also supplies components to build and complete batching plants or specific installations. The company is always at the heart of novelties, as demonstrated by the recent Delorenzo construction. The Lorraine company was able to bring its expertise to this project and equipped Delorenzo with a KNIELE KKM 1500-2250 conical mixer, an ECOFROG REX23 Z washer for concrete returns and washing water, a COM 70-1 4-colour dosing machine as well as 5 additive scales and pumps from WÜRSCHUM, a MD400 fibre dosing machine with crushing system and a belt conveyor from INCITE. The Delorenzo company has invested nearly 4,200 m² to accommodate a concrete plant capable of producing ready-mixed concrete, prefabrication and UHPC with a single mixer.

At the request of a French industrialist, BSC has designed a mobile plant in an individual container on two levels (telescopic roof) comprising a mixing plant for the preparation of UHPC sprayed in nozzles or road tunnels. This station is completely autonomous and allows the dosing of components, premix, fibers, additives, water, etc. The piston pump installed directly under the mixer allows the transfer and the projection of the UHPC at more than 100 m from the plant. Its transfer requires only a low platform and its installation on site requires less than 3 hours.


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In addition, BSC intends to work for the preservation of our environment and its ecosystem; it also offers recycling plants for washing water and fresh concrete residues. This technology eliminates all discharges into nature and recovers its residues by reincorporating them as much as possible into the process.

For some time now, it has also been focusing on micronization systems with its partner GEBR. PFEIFFER for the realization of mineral powders from 80 to 2 microns. These fillers used in the design of cements or concretes make it possible to significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

BSC always remains a privileged interlocutor, at your service in case of breakdown and spare parts order. Our reactivity to any kind of situation shows that the satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns. The quality of our after-sales service is essential to satisfy all your wishes and to promote the smooth running of your industry.

BSC’s strength lies in its flagship products and its ability to supply equipment. Beyond these essential aspects that make the richness of the Lorraine company, BSC knows how to turn to modernity and technological innovation for the supply of complete concrete batching plants, plant components or replacements of old equipment (retrofits) for the different sectors of the industry.

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